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KCCB established a Council for Economic Affairs (CEA) to manage its institutions for achievement of diverse needs of stakeholders in these institutions. It also mandated the CEA to advise on economy wide matters such as Government policy formulation, implementation and review.


KCCB was advised by the Apostolic Nuncio in February 2014 of the need to establish the Council for Economic Affairs. Consequently, the Plenary Assembly approved alignment of its structures to provide for the formation of CEA.  In accordance with Canon 1280-1288 and the statutes, KCCB is required to establish the Council for Economic Affairs to help in the administration of the temporal goods.

The CEA is further delegated the responsibility to manage temporal goods while the By-Laws of KCCB require the Council to oversee the administration of the KCCB property and to develop policies for effective administration of the same.

Formation of CEA was made even more important while developing KCCB strategic plan where the CEA was identified as one of the enablers of good governance. Therefore, KCCB delegated oversight of its institutions to CEA. Upon further reflection, the following points have been considered in establishing the Council:

  1. To enable closer, follow up of the financial management of the institutions of the Conference. This will entail checking compliance with the policies and management of all things financial.
  2. To have clarity on responsibility and Accountability in order to ensure good governance and to provide feedback mechanism to minimize possibility of failure.
  3. The conference of bishops (where the bishops “exercise their pastoral office jointly’) are a means of embodying the “affectus collegialis” among members of the college. Their core mandate is evangelization through Commissions. It became important to separate the administration of temporal goods from the core purpose of the Conference.
  4. For a very long time, the administrative functions are attached more to the Secretariat which is one of the institutions of the conference. This denies the other institutions oversight and even access to administrative organs of KCCB.
  5. It was also considered necessary to put in place a forum for feedback to the Conference on performance of its institutions.


The CEA shall provide oversight for the administrative and financial structures and activities of the institutions of the Conference. The key functions for the CEA will include:

  1. Advise and Oversee administration of KCCB temporal goods.
  2. Ensuring financial accountability and management of the temporal goods of the Conference.
  3. Develop and implement a code of corporate governance.
  4. Consolidate annual budgets and temporal goods of the conference.
  5. To periodically review performance of the entities of the Conference and consolidate financial statements of the same.
  6. Advice the Conference on economy wide matters.
  7. Develop, review, harmonize and operationalize all strategic and general management policies of the institutions of the conference.
  8. Provide oversight over new initiatives of the conference such as development projects, contracts and other investments.
  9. Ensure audit of the conference entities.
  • Ensure KCCB compliance with all statutory requirements including tax laws.


The following shall be the members of the CEA.

  1. A Bishop Chairman.
  2. Conference Vice – Chairman.
  3. Bishop’s Canon Law Office.
  4. One Trustee who shall be the Vice – Chairman of the CEA.
  5. The General Secretary of KCCB.
  6. Council for Economic Affairs Administrator who will be responsible for day to day running of the Council affairs and will also be the Secretary to the Council.
  7. Four (4) technical persons with diverse skills, qualifications and experience commensurate to the respective Committees of CEA.


  1. The CEAA will be appointed by the Plenary Assembly upon the recommendation of the Council through its Chairman.
  2. The CEAA will be supervised by the General Secretary for day to day running of the Council.

5.1 Roles of the CEAA

The CEAA will undertake the following functions:

  1. Works in collaboration with the General Secretary.
  2. Receive and compile board reports of all KCCB institutions.
  3. Present key Council matters to the Council for Economic Affairs.
  4. Hold heads of institutions meetings.
  5. Secretary to the Council for Economic Affairs.
  6. Be a member of all boards of KCCB institutions unless excluded by statutory reasons in which case the CEAA will be in attendance.
  7. Day to day management of properties and investments of the conference and, in consultation with the General Secretary, the Opus Securitatis fund.
  8. Receive all internal audit reports of all KCCB institutions.


The CEA will endeavor to carry out its work through the various Committees in order to attain the highest level of professionalism and consultation. Below are the Committees of CEA and their functions:

6.1 Finance, Administration & Resource Mobilization

The committee shall be chaired by the Vice – Chairman of KCCB and will have the following terms of reference:

  1. To review consolidated annual and Semi-annual financial reports of the Conference.
  2. To receive consolidated institutional budgets and consolidate the same for presentation to the CEA.
  • Provide a review of economic matters that have an impact on the Conference affairs and advice the CEA accordingly.
  1. Advise the Council on administrative developments that have a bearing on the operations of the Conference and propose way forward.
  2. Handle CEA staff matters.
  3. To coordinate capacity building of staff of KCCB and its affiliated institutions on finance matters.
  • Review of financial performance of the Institutions of the Conference.
  • Resource mobilization for the Conference.

6.1.1 Members of the Committee

The following are the members of the Committee:

  1. Vice – Chairman of KCCB (Chairing the Committee).
  2. General Secretary.
  3. One of the technical members of the CEA.
  4. The CEAA who shall be the Secretary of the committee

The Committee may, upon clarity on what is expected of the CEA on resource mobilization, request for an additional technical member.

6.2 Audit, Risk and Governance

The committee shall be chaired by the Bishops, Chairman of the Canon Law National office and will have the following terms of reference:

  1. Receive internal audit reports of all Institutions of the Conference.
  2. Review performance of the external auditor appointed by the Conference to audit Institutions under the Boards appointed by it.

iii.      Recommend to the Council a code of Corporate Governance for Boards of Institutions under the Council.

  1. Appraise the Council on developments in corporate governance practices.
  2. Recommend appointment/rotation/removal of Board members of Institutions under the Conference. These will take effect upon approval by the Plenary Assembly.
  3. Review memorandum and articles of association of Institutions of the Conference with reference to the relevant regulatory framework.

6.2.1 Members of the Committee

The following are the members of the Committee:

  1. Bishop Chairman of the Committee
  2. Two technical members of the CEA with competence in Civil Law, Audit and Governance.
  • General Secretary.
  1. Council for Economic Affairs Administrator
  2. Internal Auditor of KCCB who will be the secretary of the Committee

6.3 Investments and Development Committee.

The committee shall be chaired by a Trustee of KCCB who is a member of the CEA and will have the following terms of reference:

  1. Oversight over long term financial investments of the Conference.
  2. Guiding the Conference in undertaking major developments.
  • Provide oversight over properties (Land & Buildings) of the Conference and shareholders where applicable.
  1. Report performance of investments of the Conference (fully owned or where the Conference is a shareholder). Currently, existing investments are MEDS, Waumini Insurance Brokers Limited, Pacis Insurance Co. Ltd, Christian Students Leadership Centre (Ufungamano), Waumini Communications Ltd., the Catholic Youth Centre, etc.

6.3.1 Members of the Committee

The following are the members of the Committee:

  1. A trustee of KCCB who is a member of the CEA.
  2. General Secretary of KCCB.
  3. One person representing shareholders of Properties
  4. One technical member of CEA.
  5. The CEAA
  6. Property and Investment Officer who will be the secretary of the Committee


The Council for Economic Affairs Administrator
ii) The Internal Auditor

iii) Property & Investments Officer

iv) Institutions Chief Accountant
v) Resource Mobilization Officer

vi) Administrative secretary


The CEA will be responsible for successful implementation of the following KCCB strategic objectives contained in KCCB strategic plan for the year 2014

– 2023:

  1. Sustaining pastoral formation and work.
  2. Sustaining catholic identity.
  • Financial sustainability.
  1. Strengthening governance and accountability.
  2. Partnership management.
  3. Communication and advocacy.