Who is Mellstroy – Russia’s Most Notorious Streamer

Andrey Burim, also known as Mellstroy, is a popular Russian streamer that is famous for his highly amusing streams. But, people also know him for his outburst on a live broadcast that got him banned on multiple platforms.

Nowadays, you can find him streaming on Kick, where he has over 29,000 followers. He is the most popular non-english streamer on the platform and has gained an immense following after his move to the new streaming platform. In this article, we will explain more details about Mellstroy, his net worth, his streams, and his crazy life.

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Which casino is Mellstroy using?

Since his move to Kick, Mellstroy has frequently been playing online slots in his streams. With wagers of up to $1000 per spin he has had some crazy wins of up to $500,000. A lot of fans wonder which casino he is using in his streams. The answer is: Mellstroy uses N1 Casino and Stake.com in his casino streams.

Both websites are frequently used by casino streamers as they offer all the latest slots and special bonuses for streamers. Streamer bonuses like the kind that Mellstroy receives are not available for everyone. However Stake offers a great welcome bonus for new customers.

Where Does Mellstroy Stream?

Mellstroy was known for his streams on Twitch where he achieved around 461,000 total views until the beginning of 2020. But, because of a serious violation during a YouTube live stream, Twitch and YouTube have decided to ban Mellstroy.

After that incident, he switched to other streaming platforms such as Kick and Trovo, which aren’t as big as Twitch. He got around 14,000 followers on Kick and 29,700 viewers on Trovo.

Just as a comparison to these numbers, before his Twitch account got banned, he had a total of 18,900 followers. However, that number would have risen drastically, as he’s been out of the streaming platform for nearly a year.

It is worth noting that Kick is a new streaming platform backed by Tyler Niknam, aka Trainwreck, which is looked at as a potential rival to Twitch.

Trovo on the other hand is a Chinese video streaming platform that is owned and operated by Tencent Games. This company also owns PUBG and Riot Games.

Mellstroy’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $7.2 million in 2023, which is a significant rise since his $6.5 million in 2022.

This is truly surprising given the fact that he’s banned on the most popular streaming platforms and his multiple controversies. His main sources of income consist of Kick subscriptions and endorsements from the gaming providers he uses in his streams.

He clearly lives a lavish lifestyle with exotic cars, high fashion, and extravagant parties in Moscow. Many believed that his fortune would collapse after the ban and the trial, but he still holds on pretty well. The girl that sued him for assault asked for a compensation of $145,000, but only received $1,000.

Streamer statistics show that on Kick, he managed to gain more followers than he had on Twitch. Also, thanks to the great revenue split, Mellstroy is making more money on the new platform.

He likes to show off his wealth during his streams, where you can often see expensive watches, chains cars, and much more. Beautiful girls are almost always around him, which is another indicator of his wealth.

The crowd at Mellstroy’s party streams

Streams & Parties

If you are a casino player and like gambling games, then you will enjoy Mellstroy’s streams. When he was broadcasting on Twitch, he would stream playing a variety of games. But, most of the time, he streamed about online gambling.

The same content is now available on his Kick streams. You can catch him placing bets on all kinds of online slots and see his reactions when he wins or losses. He also likes to stream himself playing live casino games, including live game shows.

He prefers online gambling at Stake, which is an online casino that caused a lot of drama on Twitch. Nowadays, streams of casino gambling, especially with crypto, aren’t available on the popular platform.

Apart from his online gambling streams, Mellstroy is also famous for his one-of-a-kind party streams. It is worth pointing out that it was during a party stream that Mellstroy assaulted the poor woman. So you can expect anything during his live broadcasts.

During some of the parties, you can often see women kissing, people drinking and smoking, money throwing, wrestling, and much more.

These things happen at many parties, but no one seems brave enough to stream them live to the world. After his assault incident, people thought that he would learn form his mistakes, but obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Why Is He So Controversial?

The famous streamer that had 32.5 million views on his Youtube videos at the time, assaulted a woman during one of his live streams. Mellstroy rammed Alena Efremova’s face into a table on multiple occasions, leaving her with a bloody mouth.

During the live stream, the fans saw Burim grabbing the model by her neck and pushing her away. Efermova was also left traumatized from the abusive conduct, for which she asked a compensation of 10 million rubles (around $145,000).

Mellstroy grabbing Efermova

Mellstroy has responded to the alleged victim that the amount that she wanted him to pay was too small. He stated that if she had asked for 30 or 40 million rubles, he would have paid.

Burim claimed that he didn’t do anything to harm her and that her concussion claim was nothing but words. When arriving at court, he also mocked the prosecutors about the potential questions that they might ask.

Efermova’s claims were that Mellstroy beat her up and publicly humiliated her during one of his live streams. She added that she is deeply distressed, shaking and that her head is splitting when in motion.

Moscow’s court found Burim guilty and upheld a sentence of 6 months of corrective labor with a 10% deduction of the convict’s salary as state revenue. The court has also recovered from the defendant 72,000 rubles (around $1,000) to be given to the victim.

It is worth noting that this incident is part of a bigger trend in Russia known as “trash streaming“, which shows streamers doing dangerous and bizarre things on camera.

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