Commission for Social Comminications

Vision of Waumini Communications

The vision of Waumini Communications is the picture of the desirable future.

Contextualized from the effect or impact on the community and society in general, Waumini Communications envisages:

  “A democratic, empowered and spiritually nourished society that upholds the dignity of all”

 Mission of Waumini Communications

Waumini Communications was created to be an enabler i.e enable media (electronic, print) to play the core business in an efficient and effective manner.

 The Mission of Waumini Communications is:

“To facilitate and promote a vibrant and effective community media in Kenya”

 Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives of Waumini Communications provide yardsticks to evaluate the plan and measure achievements in each Pillar. The strategic objectives according to pillar are:

  • To improve the quality of information shared on social media for spiritual growth and holistic well being of target audience celebrating the joy of the gospel.
  • To increase the number of media projects and coverage across the country
  • To improve the financial position of Waumini Communications to implement planned programs and actions
  • To improve the capacity and competence of the human capital retained at head office and media houses for uninterrupted service, satisfaction of the laity and expanding market share

Core Values

Core values are the effect of the good news on the working live of an employee and reflect the Catholic Identity and Social Teachings of the church at all levels of Waumini Communications. They are:

  • Integrity
  • Truth and consistency of information
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Catholic Identity
  • Social Justice
  • Solidarity


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