Missio Invest


Missio Invest was conceived, incubated and launched by the Pontifical Mission Societies (TPMS) in the United States in 2014, in response to an appeal from Pope Francis who called on the Church to utilize its resources to address global food insecurity and poverty. The initiative was piloted first in Kenya. Missio Invest became a wholly separate, but related entity at the end of 2018.

Mission & Vision

Relying on Church leadership at all levels, and the TPMS network in Africa, Missio Invest currently identifies underdeveloped, Church-owned farmland and, through technical assistance and loans, helps to transform it into income-generating, eco-friendly solutions to critical issues such as food security, and care for our common home.  Missio Invest also identifies Church-affiliated financial institutions which have an existing footprint in lending to small and growing businesses in rural, poverty-stricken areas, issuing loans to enable them to expand their lending operations.

Missio Invest is a Social Impact Fund which provides loans and technical support to Catholic Church owned and affiliated enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. We invest in Agribusiness, Education, Health and Financial institutions.

Missio Invest provides both Pre and Post Investment Technical Assistance Services.
Pre-financing: Holistic project evaluation, advisory on strategy, market access and loan structuring.
Post-financing: Implementation advisory and specialized technical assistance throughout the loan term.
Loan Term 5 – 7 years, exceptions considered on a case by-case basis.Interest Rate: Competitive, single-digit, below 10% for all loans in USD.

Current Staff

Reverend Fr. Andrew Small, OMI, President and CEO, asmall@missio.org – WhatsApp + 1 917 597 1570

Keith Polo, Managing Director/Chief Lending Officer, kpolo@missio.org  – WhatsApp +39 345 395 5667 – Tel + +254 745 719 901
Find out more about us and what we do at www.missioinvest.org.

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